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3X EMA Award Winner Arlo Maverick is a Hip-Hop artist who aims to move his fans physically and emotionally. With his slogan of “Music that’s well rounded like Beyonce’s hips”, Arlo’s music is relatable and timely touching on everything from dating with trust issues, coping with suicide, to being undervalued at your 9 to 5.

Sonically, Arlo’s music tells a story much like his words. In listening to his music, you can hear how his wit and wordplay marry his musical scores that incorporate genres like Soul and EDM, but are distinctly Hip-Hop. When you consider that Arlo has received airplay in multiple countries (US, Japan), appeared in a variety of publications (Noisey, Exclaim!) and charted on national campus radio charts (CMJ, Earshot), it’s clear his proficiency hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Stepping away from hip-hop’s tradition of just an MC and a DJ, Arlo incorporates this hip-hop staple with a live band. Arlo’s live show, which he describes as a symbiotic exchange, has opened doors for him to headline festivals (North Country Fair, Sasquatch Gathering), open for hip- hop icons (Classified, Shad) and travel overseas (UK, South Korea).

Arlo is currently promoting his current release, Soul Merchant.



2017 - 2022

For fans of Canada’s vibrant scene, or even just fans of Hip-Hop that is only concerned with being good Hip-Hop, Soul Merchant is a necessary addition to their library.
Cups N Cakes
Hashtag by Canadian artist Arlo Maverick is… powerful to say the least.
Uranium Waves
A notorious perfectionist.
Edmonton Journal
Hip-hop emcee Arlo Maverick is easily one of Edmonton’s top talents, a master of catch-and-release, real life experience turned into music that doesn’t hold back exposing the personal.
Edmonton Sun
…what classic hip-hop is all about; speaking out about the issues that affect us.
Hip Hop Canada
Maybe Tomorrow is like a play or film that follows a character who has been living a tragedy without his knowing it, and the growth comes in newfound self-awareness of what he had and what he has lost.
The Cultural Nomad
Arlo’s genuine writing conveys a hunger for the “better” life being lived all around him from the perspective of a “ravenous mind / in the time of my childhood” while also recognizing the miracle that is a single mother.
In listening to Maybe Tomorrow, it’s clear that a great deal of thought and planning went into the album in order for its story to be a cohesive and impactful one.
Vue Weekly

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Arlo the Film Maker


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Arlo's EPK
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What Arlo does


Arlo Maverick is an Edmonton-based Hip-Hop MC and aspiring filmmaker who has created more than a dozen music videos in addition to a few short films, commercials, EPKs and documentaries. With these projects, Arlo has worn many hats including producer, writer, actor, director, camera operator and editor. Best known for his short film, Hashtag, which screened at film festivals in Seattle and Rome, Arlo is consistently trying to level up with each project. While film is a relatively new discipline, it is an extension of the storytelling found in his music.
Mentorship is extremely important to Arlo Maverick. In his early years many of his elders saw potential and drive in him and took him under their wings. This led to Arlo avoiding many pitfalls due to their guidance. As a way to pay it forward, Arlo tries to be as active in his community as possible to help wherever he can.
As a freelance grant writer, Arlo Maverick has written grant proposals and marketing plans for musicians, filmmakers and content creators across Canada.

Arlo’s work as a grant writer has yielded over $900,000 worth of arts funding from municipal, provincial and national grant organizations. Organizations that Arlo has secured funding from include FACTOR, Canada Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

As Arlo Maverick has acquired more knowledge and experience, he has caught the attention of many organizations who see his unique perspective and experiences in the music industry as invaluable. To that effect, Arlo has been asked to be part of various music industry boards.

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